Only the Lonely

We need to use our loneliness to propel us to create a world in which everyone is supported. I know how tough it is to feel like you are alone & without any gifts to offer, but by the virtue of simply being you, I can assure you that you are needed in this world.

Genn- 23rd March Single Review

Indeed, it can be easy for us in these times to lose our cool and feel like everything that’s evil is closing in on us. ฤ enn are here to remind us that we can feel powerful, turn the other cheek and keep on going no matter what. ‘We aint’ gonna stop ’cause you told us’.

โœจ The Power of Coming Home โœจ

‘So many illnesses, unhappiness, fear, anxiety & feelings of unworthiness can be traced back to money, wealth, status & power. Breathwork is coming home. It’s connecting to your body. & above all else it reminds you what matters most in your life’. We caught up with Regina to talk well-being in the world today.

Damn Unpretty?

“All it took was a couple of IG stories to have me assured that this zine would speak to me heavily on a feminist level, but what I didnโ€™t expect was the echoes of nostalgia & affirmation that spoke to me on every level of my experience as a woman.”