We are all healing 🏩💖

Thats all there ever was

As the world draws to a standstill. & we watch as the structures we have come to know & abide by our entire lives not only come into question, but completely eradicate themselves. As we lose loved ones & incomes & freedoms & health. It is quite normal to feel fatigued, demotivated, upset & emotionally unwell.

As I scroll through facebook I see masses of grey avatars taking over my friendslist. These avatars aren’t in place of lives that previously existed. They are in place of people who have chosen to disconnect. To protect themselves & their well being. To focus on the now.

Ancient wisdom has for decades told us to disconnect from the material world, to focus on our primary needs, & to satisfy ourselves with psychological & communal well being. To love people, & use things.

As the world media draws our attention to chaos after chaos, trauma after trauma, I wanted to use KNM to put something positive out into the world. To support & uphold our belief system – that regardless of the journey we end up on throughout this video game nightmare of an experience – we all have an opportunity for healing.

KNM was designed to be a beacon of positivity for those who need it most. & in a topsy turvy world I believe we have a job to do. We have a commitment to our community, to provide solidarity, positive thinking & future planning. We have a responsibility to instill confidence for our readers. Confidence for the now, & confidence for a newer & brighter future.

It is with this in mind that I am constructing below a run through of some of the good that can come out of this world crisis. That old paths lead to new beginnings. That calm seas never made a good sailor. & that we can come through this, slightly dishevelled, but with a new lease of life & hope for a better future. So here’s some of the things that I’m seeing.

Slow it down – remember all those memes of Cruella Deville displaying abject hysteria whilst trying to accomplish all of the things that society expects from us on the daily?? Well, we have time for them now. & there is no excuse. Society has stopped. Now is your time to shine. & what you do with it will cast your future post apocalyptic meltdown.

Creativity is on the up – as part of the response to excruciating boredom many are finding time to take up new pursuits.

I for one am learning guitar & have decided to knock a life long goal off my bucket list – I’m training to become a yoga instructor. I’ve seen people pick up instruments, start writing, take up art classes – the versatility & drive I’ve seen by many to do something they’ve always wanted to do has been phenomenal – & it’s great that we finally have a break from capitalism to put ourselves & our own life goals ahead of the corporate conveyor belt.

Now, what I am of course not saying is that anyone HAS to do this. Or that if they do decide to do something they have to go at it hell for leather. As an example I am learning one chord a week 😂 but it still feels like an achievement & a step in the right direction.

& of course, we all know that the best punk music & artwork comes out of misery & that in turn is fantastic for our mental health as we build up outlets. If you do feel like doing something, pick something that fills you with joy & be kind to yourself with your targets. See this as an exploration not an endeavour & use the time to connect with yourself & figure out what your unique mark on the world will be. How beautiful that we can finally relate to the world in & of ourselves & there’s nothing that boomers can do about it.

Well-being will naturally rise – ok cool! So we’ve been trying for a million years to meditate, to exercise, to take our time with things & not pressure ourselves. We know that we were supposed to cook everything from scratch & not reach for deliveroo at literally the touch of a button. But who didn’t want nachos delivered right through their window onto their bed so they didn’t even have to pause the Simple Life to fill themselves with crap?

This is happening naturally. We have more time to cook, we have more time to learn to cook, people are having to rely more on their own abilities as the option for convenience is fading away.

This means healthier food, more communal meals as we strive to support & learn from our families. We suddenly have time to exercise. & with health being a key focus – everyone is taking larger steps to soothe both their mind & their central nervous systems. People are becoming healthier. They can’t afford not to.

Community is fundamental – as a self imposed seclusionist I would be the first to hold my hand up in needing a minimum of 5 days a week to myself. But even for the most introverted or bitter of us, community has become king.

Not only are we all reaching out to people to stay connected, but the world has risen together to campaign for better rights & to share support for those most vulnerable.

People are calling their nans, delivering food to diabetics, doing everything they can to support each other mentally, physically & emotionally & it is beautiful.

You can guarantee that when the world re-emerges we will not only build upon this but be already better for it. Just imagine that first embrace with the person you’ve been so worried about. Just imagine a new life centred around caring for those around you, not focussing on what you individually can get & how fast you can get it. Keep that in your mind – it will happen.

Capitalism is crumbling – as commerce caves & bows down to community we see the consumer carnival that we were under the reign of come to a close.

This means loss of business, loss of income & a loss of love for the incredulity of the Kardashians. The world no longer operates under commerce. At least not effectively.

As governments the world over implement mass socialist structures to ensure the well being of its citizens & its basic needs – we see a new world emerge. One that does not count on your economic output but your value to those around you.

I have no idea what a new world will look like but I think we can all say with surety that it will not be the same. & in some cases this is a good thing. People are working from home which supports basic needs like being able to survive despite having a disability or, I don’t know, being actually able to raise a family. A reduction in capacity to shop means we refocus on the purchase of essentials meaning fast fashion & a never ending cycle of striving for the latest thing subsides. We are keeping waste out of landfill. We are fulfilling our immediate needs. & we are happier for it.

I hope that as we stay inside our houses or whatever we have access to for isolation, the world is being refashioned as a socialist supernova. That when we re-emerge the world that supports our needs not our wants & our thriving not our striving has been created. & we can already see it happening.

Workers rights are on the up as businesses scramble to ensure those unable to work are financially protected & those that continue to work are safe. The rise in strike action has been phenomenal meaning the power of movement is finally being recognised. All of the apathy generated from activist loss after activist loss is dissipating & we are seeing a power within our people that cannot be questioned. We are fighting for what’s right & we are finally getting it. Let’s keep up our spirits & make the powers that be tremble at the thought of our next demand. All being said – it’s about fucking time.

As politics becomes about the people let’s make sure we are represented & that the dial does not ever turn back. Capitalism isn’t common sense, it’s catastrophic.

The Universe is Breathing – you know when you’ve had an awful week & you are hella stressed, so you go to a yoga class & they start with a breathing exercise to centre yourself? As a community you breathe in & your first breath out feels like the release of every shitty thing that happened to you that day. Your shoulders loosen. You feel connected to yourself. You are ready to rise from the shadows of your soul. This is what is happening to the world. The environment is exhaling. & thank fuck for that!

As a society we were doomed, come pandemic or not. Climate scientists had given less than the breadth of our lifetimes to solve climate change before we would have been wiped out anyway. There were protests, global goals, summits, sit ins – you name it, we did it. But things weren’t really improving. Minor changes – yes. The dial back of capitalism to the level as to which it was needed – no. The crushing feel of the inevitability of our eradication & the complete inability to turn things back the other way was globally depressing. & there was nothing we could really do about it. Our inevitable demise was so unencumbered that even Captain Planet would have needed a prozac. But all that just changed. & we didn’t do a thing about it. It just happened.

As we all retreated from the outer world, nature took over. GHG emissions depleted, goats took over Llandudno & the world began to feel manageable again. We all had time & appreciation for nature & the world is beginning to ready itself for its sun salutation. As we re-emerge it will be on us to keep hold of those things & to cherish them just as we do now. I don’t think this will be a challenge. I think as we take stock of all of the above changes we will find it harder to find it within ourselves to let go of them. To denounce the world we wished for so badly in favour of – what – another shitty lazy oaf collab? Well, maybe, but you get my drift. We as a people are changing. Our priorities are being recentred & we are heading towards a more balanced being.

This isn’t to belittle the challenges ahead of us. I myself have mild symptoms of COVID 19 & truth be told I’m scared. But one thing I do know is that there is hope. & I would rather hope for a better collective existence than drown in my own self pity.

I honestly believe in the power of positivity. & I hope as we all take our steps forward, however rocky they may be. That we find it within ourselves to be grateful for what we do have, & to manifest the things that we love for our future. That’s all there ever really was anyway.

Love, safety & solidarity,

Nicki Mirage x


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