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‘So many illnesses, unhappiness, fear, anxiety & feelings of unworthiness can be traced back to money, wealth, status & power. Breathwork is coming home. It’s connecting to your body. & above all else it reminds you what matters most in your life’. We caught up with Regina to talk well-being in the world today.

💖 Tell us about the power of breathwork 🙌

I love this question! 

Breathwork is coming home. It’s connecting to your body. & above all else it reminds you what matters most in your life.

The problem with modern 21st century life is that our brains haven’t caught up!  Our brains can’t distinguish between the stress of work deadlines & a predator such as a lion or bear coming for our food stash.  Our brains think a day of trying to get work done, cook dinner & drop off our kids to soccer practice is just as life threatening as keeping our small villages safe from outside predators & scavengers. 

We are living with so many more triggers for stress that can be extremely overwhelming.  Breathwork allows for all of that to fall away, & reveals all of the beauty of life here on earth.  It reminds you where there is joy & to live. It truly is a deeply cathartic & healing experience.

💖 There’s a lot of pressure on people at the moment to be super productive & achieve everything we’ve ever desired over the next few months. But to me that seems a little bit like we’re adding too much weight to ourselves which is unreasonable at this time.

How can we best use this as a healing time?   

I always remind myself that that pressure to be productive, at the top of your game, the best at what you do & to accumulate as many achievements as possible has its roots in capitalism.

Money really does make the world go round. So many illnesses, unhappiness, fear, anxiety & feelings of unworthiness can be traced back to money, wealth, status & power – who has it, who doesn’t & how to get more of it.

What if worries about having your basic needs being met were no longer present in your life?  Would you live life differently? I know I would.

Sometimes the only comfort I have is just knowing that the playing field isn’t balanced & our society is set up that way. It isn’t you! The system is set up to keep people in a certain place.

It goes against capitalist beliefs to help others in need. Looking out for our elders & less fortunate isn’t part of being productive & achieving a lot of success (whatever that means).  A great deal of healing can come from taking yourself out of the capitalist wheel as much as possible. Going “off grid” even requires money & privilege!   That isn’t an option for many of us. Where are the places in your life where you can stop your participation in greed, racism, classism etc.? Are there parts of you that can want less & give more?  This is healing!  

So many illnesses, unhappiness, fear, anxiety & feelings of unworthiness can be traced back to money, wealth, status & power

💖 What is wolf medicine? & how can we utilise it?        

Well to be clear I don’t claim to possess wolf medicine.  Spirit animals & animal medicine are integral parts of Native American culture & only the keepers of the medicine are able to work with it. Wolves are not my “spirit animal.”  I am a recipient of wolf medicine. 

I am the recipient of many types of medicine. Anytime someone is kind to me without expecting anything in return I am reminded of all the ways in which I am capable of such behaviour. This is healing medicine.

Wolves are teachers.  Wolves came to me during my first Reiki initiation back in 2011 & stayed with me for a couple of years following that time. Teaching is my path in this lifetime.  I am an eternal student in this lifetime. 

💖 In the podcast ‘So You Think You’re Intuitive’ you talk about aloneness & anger being difficult areas for people that breathwork can help manage.

As we see a surge in both, what would you suggest we do to manage these issues during this time?      

Allow yourself the feel!

Easier said than done I know.  There are many different ways to deal with overwhelming emotions but what works for me is to first take some deep, deep breaths. 

Anger, for example, can completely overtake me very easily. I am triggered on a daily basis. It gets to be scary sometimes because violent thoughts surface more often than I’d like to admit.  I first take deep breaths.  I then tell myself “this isn’t real.”

This mostly works when I’ve having an imaginary fight.  Fighting with someone when they aren’t even there.  I then tell myself to witness the anger & not claim it.  The deep breaths help a lot. 

Take space from the feelings as much as possible.  I am someone with a lot of feelings.  I am a cancer sun, mercury & mars & a scorpio rising.  I can get deep into the feels but I’m thankful that I allow myself to feel. 

💖 How does toxic masculinity cause disruption in the way that we relate to our bodies & how can we remedy this both globally & for ourselves? 

Toxic masculinity is very much a part of capitalism.  Money is to be made off of oppression & keeping others in a place of desire. Whether it be a desire to be treated with respect, a desire to not be abused, a desire to be paid equally, to be treated with dignity . . .  toxic masculinity keeps people from being loved, cared for & respected. 

It’s all about obtaining power & keeping it.  As long as there is greed & a want for more money & power there will be injustice in the world.

When you’ve been the victim of toxic masculinity come back to your body -whether it be by taking deep breaths, movement practices such as yoga or taking a walk . . . do breathwork! . . . Do what you can to connect with your body.

💖 How can empaths best protect themselves in a time of global crisis?   

Stay off your phone! 

Really though.  Limit your media consumption. 

I rarely look at the news.  I know I’m an empath & how triggering certain things can be so I don’t engage.  Read a good book that won’t put you in a bad/scary mood.  Watch cat videos on Youtube.  Find joy & calm where you can.  

💖 With the world on pause, do you plan to run any online sessions so that people across the pond can learn from your knowledge base?     

Yes!  The best way to see what I’m up to is through my Linktree on my IG @WolfMedicineMagic

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