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Solidarity Forever πŸ’–

Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but remains.

So what the fuck just happened?!?!?!! Like many others my age I’ve spent the weekend in a complete daze, undergoing a myriad of emotional rollercoasters from the comfort of my duvet den trying to figure out how we ever ended up in this mess. What could have happened? & what do we do now?

There are a number of reasons why the Labour party failed to take a majority rule in the vote last week, all of which have been discussed in the malestream media.

Far from reaching out to the working classes, Labour failed to hit the right notes & further alienated an already disillusioned Northern stronghold. Although not necessarily champagne socialists, we do need to hold our hands up & recognise the rise & reign of the prosecco proletariats in the UK. The majority of those on the left were former upper working or lower middle class individuals who now struggle to make ends meet, despite having white collar jobs & yes do dabble in a slice of avocado toast once in a while (all paid for by their steady diet of lindas & dried pasta).

Whilst it’s easy to write off a Tory vote as ignorant & racist, it’s important to recognise that in order for there to be strong cohesion on the left – there needs to be just that. We need to address our own part in this & what we can do to move forwards without losing hope.

Here’s a few ideas of things we can do to soothe our souls whilst we watch the selling of our safety play out over the next 5 years:

πŸ’– Self care: this one is fairly obvious but if like me you are feeling deflated & fatigued maybe even isolated & alone, self care should be your number 1 priority right now. Take a bath, throw on your favourite face mask, connect with yourself. Don’t let this feel like an attack to your system. Know that you have the power to protect yourself in this very moment.

πŸ’– Reach out to others who feel the same: conducting a post-mortem is almost essential to understanding what has happened & making sense of how to move forward. Taking care of each other & reaching out will make you feel less alone & help you understand that as much as the overarching super structure might be against us – we still have those around us who care. We will find & maintain our connection in the coming years. & that will make us stronger.

πŸ’– Write punk music: ok we’re being biased. But in other words get creative. Use the emotion that you’re going through in whatever form of expression speaks to you the most. Finding a way to process will be far healthier & will help to inspire & connect others. Creativity can give birth to the greatest form of widescale change, so it’s a win-win situation.

πŸ’– Read up!: Stay engaged with what is going on & make sure you’re up to date with what policies are being introduced, how they impact you & how you can affect change if necessary. This will also help you with our next step – engage with people! In the coming weeks we’ll be introducing a resources section for those who wish to learn more about political economics, inequality & activism. Stay tuned for more πŸ‘€

πŸ’– Engage with people: Whilst we would only recommend doing this in situations where you feel safe & you feel that the discussion can be a calm one, we recommend talking to those who have differing opinions to yourself. I myself recognise that I had many people within my sphere of influence that I could have engaged around politics far sooner than I did (the day before because I’m a dick). & so learning from this, I’ve realised that I need to spend the next 5 years educating myself so that I can have organised & honest conversations with people who may have had the same concerns as me but felt that the Tories were more capable of eradicating those fears. We need to maintain a dialogue. We need to discuss the difference.

πŸ’– Support your local community: Needless to say our communities have been crying out for help for a number of years, but they need our help now more than ever. Research what is going on in the area that you live & see how best you can support those that are the most vulnerable.

πŸ’– Have a voice: speak your mind in every situation & find ways to create a better future. If the FPTP system was abolished we would have the opportunity to put in place a political structure that made every vote count. In the most recent election (as the majority of votes were not Conservative) this would have meant the Tory’s did not receive a majority. This would be a far fairer system & much closer to democracy or a peoples vote. Sign up to the campaigns that make sense for you & make sure you are as active as possible in determining future policies. Most important of which is demanding truth from the media.

πŸ’– Join a political party: I’ll hold my hands up & say I’m not a fan of politics & certainly not of manifesto based democracy. But my word something needs to change! & I’ll put my anti-governmental principles aside to help turn the wheel back in favour of not killing the masses. Engaging with your local political party is a good way to start understanding the mechanisms & seeing how you can help to bring about change the next time we have an opportunity to vote.

πŸ’– Protest: No justice? – no peace, bring down the elite βœŠπŸ’• Maybe like many you’re just fucking mad. Well, good. Use that anger & use it wisely. Use it to join protests, to position talks, to promote populism. The 1% have used their mechanisms to alter the fate of the public vote through control of the media. But they cannot stop grassroots action. Make your voice visible & use it to help others feel empowered.

In the meantime, listen to Amyl:

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