Venus – Sour

Venus talk riot grrrl, catharsis & the importance of creative safe spaces.

πŸ’– What’s Venus all about?

We have a passion for there to be a balance amongst all genders in the music industry particularly in alternative music. Despite there being many famous female identifying musicians, they’re often discredited in order to pave the way for a male dominated environment.

πŸ’– What inspires you to play music?

I think it’s safe to say we write a lot of angry music. It’s definitely a form of therapy for us, so we can convey our emotion when people are spiteful towards us. In addition to this, we just wanna help people & if our experiences can give comfort to someone else, then that’s the best possible thing we could do.

πŸ’– Who are your main influences in music/life?

Music wise definitely Bikini Kill, Wolf Alice, Dream Wife & L7. In addition to this, we think it’s important to remember Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a female rock n roll pioneer, who is not spoken about & remembered as much as she should be. We owe her everything.

πŸ’– When you’re not doing band stuff what do you get up to?

We all work part time jobs & have individual hobbies. GK does makeup artistry, Gracie produces music & does a lot of solo travelling, Hannah’s a bit of a history buff, Gabby loves playing her X Box & Jess likes travelling.

πŸ’– What does feminism/riot grrrl mean to you?

Riot grrrl was a movement in musical history that is once again not spoken about often enough. Particularly because it gave lgbt+ creatives a safe space to explore art.

This had a knock on effect throughout the entire industry, & hopefully means some lgbt+ creatives now feel safer in the industry despite there being loads more work to be done.

This movement has definitely allowed us to feel safer as musicians in the industry, & has allowed us to write music with more ease than we could have before the movement.

It was actually a riot grrrl band, Bikini Kill who bought us together, & set us on the path that we are on today.

πŸ’– What’s next for you guys?

Our upcoming single β€˜Sour’ will be released on all major platforms as of the 7th of June!

We are doing a single launch at the Wardrobe in Leeds on the same date.

We have a couple of independent music festivals coming up such as MusicBox Festival (9/6) Hartlepool Live (15/6) & Weightless Festival (3/6).

We also have a couple of Battle of the Band competitions for the chance to play Reading & Leeds Festival 2019, these take place at The Wardrobe (Future Sound Emerging 18/7) & Leeds O2 academy (Centre Stage 25/7).

Sadly no London dates!!

Lori on Venus : Whilst debut release β€˜Deranged’ sounds like a Gillette advert aimed at Riot Grrrls, new release β€˜Sour’ reaches more ethereal notes. Listen to Sour if you feel like you might go and climb a mountain & hex the patriarchy. ✨🌹✨🌹✨🌹✨

✨New single is out today on Spotify!

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