The Other Ones,The Other Ones from soon to be released The Other Ones – Single Review ๐Ÿ’œ

Fed up with everything? Need some motivation to get out of bed & kick 2021 in the butt? Have no fear, The Other Ones are here!

The beloved London noise-pop/garage punx are back with their own theme song of sorts – channeling unparalleled raw power in the instrumental production choices & Steph Dunne’s caustic vocal delivery.

This is by far their most abrasive yet inclusive song yet, urging us to live our best lives without being bogged down by judgment. With an undeniably catchy chorus, it feels like a callback to their heavier material in The Other Ones’ early days – but with extra polish & bite. A throwback but still just as impactful if you will.

Running in at only 2 minutes & 16 seconds, the question for now is – when are The Other Ones getting their own Netflix series? I know I’d binge the shit out of it.

For more on The Other Ones, check out our interview with them here!

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