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The Other Ones – napping, cats & feminism πŸ’“

If Cherym, Personal Best & Bonnie Tyler started a Julie Ruin – esque indie pop band but with tartan. The Other Ones certainly wouldn’t be out of place playing an end of year prom in 10 things.

We caught up with Steph, Vicky & Nick, of The Other Ones to talk napping, feminism & merging the Spice Girls into your musical outputs seamlessly πŸ’…

The Other Ones on The Other Ones: ‘The Other Ones are a noise-pop group formed out of a love for 90s’ TV, curries, fuzz pedals & cats. We write songs about the perils of navigating modern relationships, unwanted attention from creepy guys & being cool with being alone.’

‘Our odes to losers in life & love are contrasted by uplifting melodies, powerful guitars & tunes that will get lodged in your brain.’

πŸ’–  So what’s ‘The Other Ones’ all about?

Steph: Exactly what it says on the tin – being β€œthe other ones”. Never really fitting in, & finally embracing exactly that.

Vicky: Making the music we wish we’d heard when we were teenagers.

Nick: For me The Other Ones is musically all about being noisy & aggressive, whilst still being catchy & super melodic.

Philosophically, it’s also about centring female voices & experiences. We don’t really write a lot of what you might call explicitly political songs, but everything we do is done through the lens of feminism.

πŸ’– It says on your Instagram ‘Punk Rock. Noise Pop. Cats. Junk Food’. If you had to pick one which would it be?

Steph: Punk Rock. Cats comes pretty close. Maybe a punk rock cat.

Vicky: Cats. 100%

Nick: I guess I would say noise-pop. Those are the two things we are trying to marry – Sonic Youth & The Spice Girls!

πŸ’– What inspires you to play music?

Steph: Everything & everyone around me!

Being able to put emotions & feelings into something I can output as a song is something I’ve always loved to do.

Telling a story, & people relating or even being inspired by it. 

Vicky: The utter creativity of it, & being told that I can’t do something is always going to make me do it.

Nick: For me music is a bit like magic. It lets you express things that you can’t really articulate with words. & that’s really powerful.

πŸ’– Who are your main influences in music/life?

Steph: Musically, David Bowie is a huge one. & all the people that ever fucking put me down & told me I’ll never be anything or do anything.

Vicky: In music – Kim Gordon, Stevie Nicks, Marina Diamandis, Peter Hook.

In life, I would say my father. I would also add Dolly Parton, I guess she counts for both!

Nick: Two of my big guitar heroes are Johnny Marr & Carrie Brownstein.

πŸ’– When you’re not dong band stuff, what do you get up to?

Steph: I like to sleep a lot! Napping & petting cute animals. 

Vicky: Knitting (I can only make blankets), binge watching crime shows, napping, finding new ways to rearrange my flat, annoying Nick πŸ˜‚

Nick: Honestly, I’m probably still playing guitar even when I’m not doing β€œband stuff”. If I’m not doing that, I’m probably reading a book or possibly playing Tomb Raider.

πŸ’– What does feminism mean to you?

Steph: Being equal.

It’s 2019 & I can’t believe there’s still so much shit that goes on. There’s still so much that women are scared of, & we should never be made to feel scared, or in a world where we are different to other human beings. 

Vicky: Everything. It’s a passion that drives me forward, & one that I want to hammer into everything I do.

Nick: I want to live in a world where all the incredible women in my life don’t have to put up additional anxiety, harassment, & struggle just because of their gender.

Also, I have never really felt comfortable with traditional masculinity, & feminist theory allowed me to have a much clearer view of the world around me. It allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t think enough men realise how great feminism is & can be for them.

πŸ’– What’s next for you guys?

Steph: We have a new EP is out on the 5th of September!!

You can see our latest video for better off alone again here.

All our gigs can be found on our Facebook page.

Vicky: More gigs! We have our EP release in the summer & then what I would love to do would be release an album & do a tour.

Otherwise it’s me trying to work out how to make cat sized t-shirts & forcing our cat to model them on his IG.

Nick: We have an EP coming out pretty soon, & hopefully after that we can release an album.

We have so many songs we’ve written already, I just want to set them free & into the world!

Other than that, I would just like to play a lot more outside of London.

πŸ’– What one word best describes you as a band?

Steph: Winging-it (Technically not one word, but it’s like our band motto).

Vicky: Passionate

Nick: Energy

Lori on The Other Ones: If Cherym, Personal Best & Bonnie Tyler started a Julie Ruin – esque indie pop band but with tartan.

The new EP from the Other Ones spans a breadth of musical talent whilst stringing together the underlying, somewhat 90’s high school theme of the band. The Other Ones certainly wouldn’t be out of place playing an end of year prom in 10 things.

Saving the last dance aside, the soon to be released 3 track wonder touches upon some heavy issues.

In Get Your Hands Off Me we are given a sass venom sensation calling out sexual assault & unwanted attention. The song reprimands lazy excuses given by toxic misogynists citing ‘No I wasn’t asking, get your hands off me . . . It’s not how I’m dressing, get your hands off me’. The song ends with the singer finally laying to rest the behaviour of the objectifier with a voice full of malice & well deserved disdain – ‘I think you’re disgusting . . . you make my fucking skin crawl’.

Glittering Splinters hits us with a much lighter touch. We are immersed into the song with a magical wind chime type entry which makes you feel like you might be in a candle shop in Hackney. A slow, mystical guitar build takes us to Stephs’ laying down of some much more vulnerable vocals this time. Mixing the tender disappointment of feeling let down, with some light but sad moving on type vibes – the songs chorus is an echo to the 80s.

Finally, the songs closing track Shallow Heart takes us to a romantic but deeply saddening mood. When you put this on you’ll feel like you’re in that scene in Skins where Sid is sat on top of Brandon Hill mourning the loss of Cassie. There’s a sense of hurt in Steph’s voice, nodding to a sad acceptence of her circumstances, a sense of residing to her fate. ‘Why do you always make life seem so hard? I know why, it’s coz you have a shallow heart’.

Picking Up The Pieces EP is out on SEPTEMBER 5TH!!!!! But that shouldn’t stop you listening to this indie pop cute core quartet ahead of time.

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In the meantime I’d suggest checking out the bands earlier release Better Off Alone Again to get a sense of what they’re about.

The song is built upon pensive guitar signals reminiscent of a high school movie track. With the overall empathic vocal notes of a summer well spent. Better Off Alone Again is that moment in the movie when the protagonist is waiting for that fuckboy to stop being such a jerk & admit that he has feelings – the inevitable eschewing of toxic masculinity. We find the singer strong but sad & ready to go her own way. Ready to rise again.

Grab a listen – it’s a babewave level of soundtrack for sure.

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