Spit Sisters Release WEAK!!! 🧡💕

Loud queers who spit out angry lyrics over gritty riffs.

💖 What’s Spit Sisters about?/ Where did the name come from/How did you set up?

Jaz: I had been playing guitar in bands for years but I felt more & more like I wanted to be the frontwoman.

I guess I’m a bit of an attention whore.

I gifted Liam (my partner) with a bass in 2018. He took to it fast & soon we were jamming out songs together. I found our guitarist, Maddie, through Facebook.

The first time we met we joked that we felt like “blood brothers” or more aptly “spit sisters!”, & I went “hmm that’s a good band name!” It also conveys a sense of who we are, loud queers who spit out angry lyrics over gritty riffs.

A few weeks on we were still looking for a drummer & that’s when Sara messaged me. I had actually met her once before & I knew she would be a perfect fit.

💖 What inspires you to play music?

Jaz: Going to gigs. I’ve seen the best shows in the sweaty basements of pubs. 

Liam: Music is a way to be creative that I hadn’t really considered before meeting Jaz. A way to engage with people without having a conversation.

Maddie: Listening to other awesome music & I enjoy the music we play so hopefully other people do too. 

Sara: Seeing other people performing & creating something lasting through music & art has really inspired me a lot. & I just can’t see myself doing anything else!

💖 What’s your writing process?

Jaz: I tend to come up with a chord structure for a song while just messing about on guitar.

I might have a few lines floating around for the lyrics – I’ve even used old diaries for inspo!

Once I have at least a verse & chorus, I’ll workshop it with the rest of the band at rehearsal. They’re all amazing musicians & their parts always make the songs way more interesting.

💖 Who are your main influences in music/life?

Jaz: If I had to pick just one musician I would say Courtney Love. Her voice, her lyrics, her stage presence. She’s a genius.

Though the people I’ve met in the London music scene have greatly influenced me too, like Moe from GUTTS & IMMIGRANTI. She’s been a huge help to me & to Spit Sisters. I look up to her a lot. Artistically & as a person. 

Maddie: For me, the first band I really loved & saw live was Queen Adreena but there are so many!

Sara: A lot of the artists I used to look up to have become problematic for me recently, as I don’t really agree that you can separate art from artists when it comes to things like being racist/misogynistic etc.

But a band I really love that’s helped me come to terms with this issue is the Menstrual Cramps! Their song ‘Idols’ explains what I’m saying way better.

💖 Tell us about your aesthetic

Jaz: We definitely like to express ourselves with what we wear while staying comfortable. I like to think of myself as a punky intergalactic supermodel. Chunky boots, chokers, sparkly clothes, mesh & fishnet… a lot of sharp edges. 

💖 When you’re not doing band stuff what do you get up to?

Jaz: At the moment I’ve just been playing Animal Crossing a lot!

But we usually like to throw parties or just hang out with friends, have movie nights . . . I also enjoy reading & writing prose & poetry! In fact, our song ‘Sylvia’ is about Sylvia Plath.

Maddie: My day job is working in AV (audio visual, not adult video) & when I’m not with my spitsters I like to see friends, explore, go to gigs & play fetch with my cats.

Sara: I’m chronically ill, so a lot of time I stay home & play with my cats, but I also am studying for a degree in Politics, Philosophy & History so I do a lot of reading too.

When I have the spoons I like going to gigs (or protests!) & skateboarding. (KNM edit: hell yeah!!! 🤙)

💖 At the last show I saw you at someone’s nan came along, who’s was it & what does she think of the show/your music/the scene?

Sara: That’s my nan! She loves coming to gigs & hearing new things we’re working on. On the surface she seems like your typical grandma but she’s really a rebel at heart! 

💖 I’ve seen you begin to undress during sets which adds a very empowering element to your shows.

What’s the idea behind it? Is it all just a bit of fun or does it have a deeper meaning for you in terms of your performance?

Jaz: I think the show you saw was the Cigarette Pie Halloween gig where we dressed as Rocky Horror.

I dressed as Janet & stripped off for our cover of ‘Toucha Touch Me’.

I do sometimes just wear a bra on stage, & Sara does too, partly because we both get too hot & have to strip off. It has a deeper meaning for me though.

I’ve had some body issues in my life & for some reason being a bit of an exhibitionist helps me deal with that. I hope my stripping inspires others to enjoy their own bodies too. 

Sara: I value comfort, in your clothes, your body etc. which is something simple. But the way society is today, it does come across as something radical.

If I take off my shirt because i’m hot on stage, it’s not supposed to be a statement, but people will project a socially constructed view on it.

So if there has to be a meaning behind it, I would say radical self love! Not compromising yourself & your comfort just because of the way others perceive you. 

💖 Loads of bands do covers & they tend to be of the 90s pop/rnb ilk. You guys however, made the renegade decision to cover the Daria theme tune which IMO is a fucking rager.

What lead that decision? & if each of you were going to be a Daria character who would you be & why?

Jaz: Daria is such a great show!

I think it definitely helped all of us through our teenage years. We don’t tend to do crowd-pleasers. What’s the point? We wanna play songs we enjoy. Plus, the cult fans of Daria just light up when we start playing it!

For those who don’t know the show, the song is a banger anyway! Trent is my fave character but I’m probably not cool enough to be him. In reality, people have nicknamed me Daria in the past, which is a major compliment. Her sarcasm is unbeatable. 

Liam: I think I’d like to be Jane because she knows who she is & expresses herself artistically very well.

Maddie: Obvs I’d like to be Daria because she’s so effortlessly cool.

Sara: I would like to think I’d be Jodie but I’m definitely not organised enough… so probably more like Trent. 

💖 Tell us about your queer feminist leftist agenda.

Jaz: We all identify as queer, feminist & left-wing – & these views come into everything we express about ourselves through music.

We’re not the most political band but we will always stand in solidarity with the less represented voices in society. Our beliefs unite us. For one, I firmly believe that gender is just a social construct. 

Liam: There’s a reason that the only non-binary Pokemon are the Legendary Pokemon.

Maddie: Don’t be ashamed of who you are, create awareness so that everyone feels empowered to be whoever they are.

Sara: For me, the feminist leftist agenda is about destroying power structures that work to keep marginalised groups oppressed, for example, Captialism, Patriarchy, Racism & Homophobia/transphobia among others.

As a band I think we try to exist authentically & be ourselves uncompromisingly, in order to show others that you don’t need to stick to socially constructed roles like gender roles, & that you can & should always question authority! 

💖 What does feminism mean to you? / What 1 thing could everyone be doing to make the scene a better place?

Liam: Feminism is kind of a no-duh. People shouldn’t be judged on what they can’t control i.e. sex, class, race. 

Maddie: Everyone should be equal & hopefully one day we won’t need groups to highlight that.

People gotta stop being surprised when females “can play their instruments” & when they “play better than a man”. Expectations shouldn’t be associated with sex, ever.

Jaz: In the words of Brody Dalle: “I don’t play the guitar with my fucking vagina so what difference does it make?”

Sara: Feminism means destroying patriarchy! If people would stop acting like ‘female fronted’ is a category of music that would be great. 

💖 What’s next for you guys?

Jaz: We’ve just DIY mixed & released our first single ‘Weak’, which we would have liked to launch with a gig, but we decided that it should be released asap so our fans have something to dance to while we’re all stuck indoors.

Check it out below!!!!!

💖 Dates for any upcoming shows/livestreams/releases etc? 

Jaz: Well, we’ve had to reschedule a couple of gigs so those will be happening as soon as the world is back to normal.

I may have a go at doing a little acoustic style livestream for the release of Weak but I don’t have any set date for that yet.

We’ll announce any dates on our social media & on our brand new website(!) as soon as we know for sure!


💖 Links to any social media 🙂

Jaz: Our website is https://www.spitsisters.co.uk/ & you can find us on Facebook here: @spitsisters.cum -Instagram: @spit_sisters_band -Twitter: @spitsistersband 

Thanks so much for having us, we love you KNM! <3

Lori on Weak : deep, dank & cathartic. Spit Sisters bring us an immersive first single encouraging listeners to soak in the depths of their emotions.

Paying a nod to energy vampires & the toll it takes on those who all too often find themselves in a supportive role, the song gives you the feeling of that exact mixture of freedom & fatigue that can only be found through releasing oneself from the grasps of negativity.

Spit Sisters ask us if we liked them more when they were weak – I think it’s safe to say that we like them most when they go deep.

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