Reveal the Road – from a troubled place to colour co-ordinated releases πŸŽ†

πŸ’– What are Reveal the Road about? Where did the name come from / How did you set up? 

When I was 17 (Jodie) I was a part of RTR & through the years we’ve had many people come & leave the band.

People enter your life & leave for a reason.

The name came from a troubled place. Before we started the band – we had many rejections in the music industry – we were kind of stuck.

Then one day when we started the band, we just decided that this band would β€œReveal The Road” to greater things. 

People enter your life & leave for a reason.

πŸ’– What inspires you to play music? 

The buzz we get before going on stage, performing to a crowd who are jumping to our songs, then coming off stage & wanting to do it all over again! ✨

We’re really lucky that we get to do all of this as a group of mates too – we bounce off each other really well. 

We are missing all our fans & gigging due to COVID. 

πŸ’– What’s your writing process? 

It usually starts with an idea from one of us, or just something amazing will come out of a rehearsal & we’ll work on that.

We’ll all come together & discuss / write parts for our own instruments.

Sometimes (like at the moment) we’ll work on individual parts at home & share them with each other online, but we all put our own ideas into whatever we do & the process is usually quite smooth – everybody contributes to the writing process! 

πŸ’– Who are your main influences in music/life? 

For me (Matt) my main influences are All Time Low & Blink 182. Particularly their drummers, Travis Barker & Rian Dawson.

I love the energy they bring to their songs/live shows & have always tried to learn from them!

Green Day is the band that got me into the sort of music I love at first, then I remember seeing them live in 2013. All Time Low were supporting & it introduced me to pop-punk. I then explored even more genres of music & used them as an influence!

I used to play a lot of jazz back in the day & it’s really helped me as a musician. Being in many different scenarios & appreciating all genres of music. I think once you can open your mind up & use influences from lots of different genres – it really helps you be creative. 

πŸ’– Tell us about your aesthetic 

We’ve gone with this theme so far of making each of our singles a different colour scheme. β€˜Happy Lies’ was green, β€˜Puppeteer’ was purple, β€˜Blush’ was pink & our most recent single ‘Feeling Better‘ is Yellow. 

I also have a thing with bright hair colours & make up, which i always try to match up with our most recent release (Jodie).

When we go to record our EP, we might change the artwork up a little, but you’ll have to wait & see! 

πŸ’– When you’re not doing band stuff what do you get up to? 

We all love taking time out of making music to just hang out together & chill.

We’ll usually go to Jodies’ place for a couple of bevs & play games, watch TV & just talk about life & the band!

I (Matt) love going to theme parks & making YouTube videos.

Bonus picture of Matt with Pudsey Bear because – we couldn’t not tbh 🧸

Jodie is always singing or researching into mental health & the music industry, & Ellis works at Adventure island & is always coming up with amazing guitar ideas. 

We’ve also just had Reece Smith join our band! Reece is always working or producing music & is also studying at BIMM in brighton.

πŸ’– What does feminism mean to you? / What 1 thing could everyone be doing to make the scene a better place? 

This is a great question!

The number of times we’ve done gigs & competitions & I have been the only female in the whole bill is shocking. I believe the alt-rock scene is very hard for females.

Feminism to me means equality – nothing more , nothing less. People often refer to β€œFemale-Fronted Bands β€œ – although this is a fact – it is not a music genre or a β€œsound”. I believe there are some incredible women in rock – but I’m sure other females in rock can relate to the β€œ you are like Paramore” comments. 

Don’t get me wrong I love Paramore & their music – however, just because I am a female in an Alternative rock band does not mean we are all alike. 

I just believe there is more to music than gender. If people could do one thing to help this – look past the gender & listen to the music! 

πŸ’– Tell us about your recent release, what’s the feeling to it/what’s it about?

Jodie: So our most recent release is β€œFEELING BETTER”. 

I started working on this song around 2018 & during lockdown we reworked the song for the release. 

It was released on 26th June 2020. This song is very different to our previous singles – it’s the start of a slightly new direction. 

To us this is the perfect summer tune – with a catchy melody & bouncy vibes – we love it! 

We’ve had great support from BBC introducing who described the song as β€œ a chorus so big you can see it from space!” 🌌

πŸ’– What makes you β€˜Blush’? 

When people listen to our music & come up & speak to us after shows & show their appreciation. It really means a lot <3 

πŸ’– What advice would you give to starting out in an ever-competitive Rock scene? 

● Stick with it. 

● Look after yourself. 

● Stay unique. 

● Network & be friendly! 

● Stay grounded & passionate. 

● Gig as much as you can!

πŸ’– Q for Jodie, what are your Vocal Technique/Care tips? I could talk about vocal technique all day. 

Number 1 tip is always warm up & warm down. The voice is a muscle so just like an athlete you need to warm it up & cool down! 

I also like to get into the habit of using a steamer & drinking warm drinks to help hydrate my vocal chords. 

Working on stamina & breath control is really important especially when we are doing long sets or I’m doing lots of songs that are being belted. 

πŸ’– Who would you like to go on the road with? 


Out of reach 

Tonight Alive 

πŸ’– What’s next for you guys?

We had a lot of exciting things planned. Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone a lot of stuff due to the current situation.

But once this is all over, we have plans to reschedule our UK tour, get back into the studio & start work on our EP! 

Check us out on Spotify here: 5EJxKXuqA

πŸ’– Dates for any upcoming shows?

Due to Covid-19 we’ve unfortunately had to postpone a lot of dates but make sure to go follow us on all social media to be the first to know when we’re playing shows again! I

n the meantime, we’ll be live streaming a lot on social media! πŸŽ€

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