Riviera Kid – Non-binary Dysphoria Single Review

I paint my nails, I wear lip gloss & I’ll wear whatever the fuck I want

Fuck yes!! the Kent-based posi-punk duo we’ve grown to love this year are back & nailing it once again!

Whilst in recent years we have seen a well overdue rise in representation for trans & non-binary artists – the subject of dysphoria specifically for non-binary people in punk tends to be expressed within the heavier side of the scene.

The release is a notable change from Riviera Kid’s traditional melodic hardcore sound, to a Jawbreaker or Fugazi-esque flavor. This is an interesting change of pace whilst still retaining a level of scrappiness & a fuzzy ear-worm melody.

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Vocalist John Huffman wastes no time in expressing their struggles with being; ‘not gay, not straight, not anything, society can’t understand, why can’t I just be a man’?

It’s a level of bluntness & honesty from experiencing dysphoria, which those who struggle with it on a daily basis should be able to express without being pinned down by what it means to ‘be’ non-binary.

To those who wrongly think that being non-binary means keeping up certain appearances to be outside of the gender spectrum, the line ‘I paint my nails, I wear lip gloss & I’ll wear whatever the fuck I want’ is the perfect retort.

Recorded entirely by Huffman in the comfort of their home, this lo-fi rager should hopefully tide listeners over until John & Dan are reunited by fate once again!

All proceeds from Bandcamp will be going towards Samaritans.

For more on Riviera Kid, check out our interview with them here!

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