I, Doris – here to save the world 🌍

We are all Wonder Women

In a time of global uncertainty, furlough, unreliable government advice & banana bread, we all need some positive vibes & they come to us in the form of the ever wonderful I, Doris.

Our favourite feminist #mummycore quartet come at us like a bird, like a plane, well like the Doris’s!

Filmed on the last day before lockdown, Wonderwomen brings to life the constant revolving door action that is being a woman, whether it’s raising a family, shopping runs or working life – all whilst looking immaculate of course . . .

We caught up with I, Doris to talk about Wonderwomen – the lockdown disco anthem to empower us through these strange times.

πŸ’– Hi I, Doris! Firstly, what super female hero would you be & what would your superhero powers be?

I’ve always had a thing for Wonder Woman – I’d love to have her ability to kick ass, wring the truth out of bad guys, & look hot AF in swimwear.

Right now, though, I’d settle for the ability to keep my kids happy, bills paid & sanity vaguely in check.

Fuck the swimwear. 🌊

πŸ’– Are the mini-Doris’ on board with their mums being super heroes?

Some of the kids in the video are mine – others were borrowed from neighbours!

The kids are the true superheroes, putting up with my videomaking whims.

πŸ’– How much of Wonderwomen is rooted in real life for you?

I’m increasingly less wonderful a woman by the day – this is the point of the song!

πŸ’– How has lockdown been for the Doris’ – any truly bad bits & any unexpected joys?

I’m really missing playing & going to gigs. But I’ve been writing some new stuff, so fingers crossed it won’t be too long before we can play it somehow!

πŸ’– How do you find the balance between being mums & musicians?

There’s only two mums amongst the Doris collective. I’ve only been playing in bands since I had children, so I don’t know any different – it’s quite normal to me.

Must say I’m not sure my husband has ever been asked how he finds a balance between being a dad & a musician!

πŸ’– “You don’t need to be a hero cos you’re doing fine”- a message that all parents need to hear?

The message of the song isn’t just for parents, it’s for all women feeling the pressure of juggling a busy life, & struggling under the weight of societal expectation to perform dazzlingly.

Given the state of the world right now, especially, we all need to cut ourselves a lot of slack & not try to do more than is humanly possible!

So whether you’re preparing to corral slightly feral children back to school, cursing Joe Wicks and his burpees, testing your eyesight at Barnard Castle or just trying to get through each day – take it from the Doris’s: “You don’t need to be a hero cos you’re doing fine”

Our heroes in action!

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