Panic Pocket on DIY Music, Pockets & Mr Big

Behind every great woman is a man who is a drain on her resources.

💖 What’s Panic Pocket about?/ Where did the name come from/How did you set up?

First Timers made us rally our dreams of band stardom – it’s an amazing annual weekend festival for people who’ve never been in a band before, & gives a much needed platform to many awesome queer punks.

We congregated in Nat’s bedroom in 2017 with guitars, a notepad & a bottle of wine, & somehow it all came together. 

💖 What inspires you to play music?

Giving a voice to our frustrations & having fun doing it.

💖 What’s your writing process?

Pens, paper, alcohol & instruments. But also a lot comes down to channelling our spite.

We can only write in short sharp bursts, & with the promise of TV & beer as a reward.

💖 Your songs are like having a conversation with your best gal pal – how much of it comes from personal experience?

All of it!

Some songs come out of things that have happened to our friends or people we know, but the topics we write about are often all too familiar to us (hopefully our listeners do too!). 

💖 Who are your main influences in music/life?

We can’t overlook the powerful influence of other brilliant DIY bands such as Charmpit, Big Joanie, The Other Ones, & Fightmilk.

We’re also inspired by the music that fuelled our angsty teenage years – Dixie Chicks, Tori Amos, The Queen that is Celine Dion, & Fiona Apple, to name a few.

💖 What are your favourite sort of pockets? Why do so many clothing items lack pockets?

Deep pockets – show me the money, baby!

A guy on a dating app once told Nat that pockets ruin the silhouette of an item of clothing. He’s dead now. 

💖 Tell us about your aesthetic

Chokers, bright lipstick, big earrings & comfy tshirts. Or whatever’s not in the laundry bin.

Big earrings for the win.

💖 When you’re not doing band stuff what do you get up to?

King Milo

Drink beer, serenade our cat Milo, & watch a lot of TV together. 

💖 What does feminism mean to you? / What 1 thing could everyone be doing to make the scene a better place?

Behind every great woman is a man who is a drain on her resources.

If some sound men could stop being disrespectful that would be great. 

💖 Tell us about your next release – what’s the feeling to it/what’s it about?

We’ve been getting creative in quarantine & hopefully we’ll have new bangers to release when this is all over. Watch this space . . .

💖 What’s next for you guys?

We’re keen to record some new (& old) material & start gigging again once we’re allowed out the house.

In the meantime you can listen to us here.

💖 What advice would you give to baby pockets starting out in the scene?

We have to quote Charmpit’s song Doing it Together:

‘Step 1: Find a friend, JUST ONE, & they’ll have a friend
now that’s 3 of you, in a band
of course you can!

Part B: Pick a name, CUZ THAT’S FUN
have a vision & run with it
to open arms & ears.

First Time ya step on the stage
the right time, to make loads of mistakes
cuz that’s being a punk, & BEING A PUNK IS tons of FUN!’

Go listen in full!!

💖 Dates for any upcoming shows/livestreams/releases etc? 

All our shows got cancelled (boo!) but we did a couch gig for MJ Hibbett’s Totally Acoustic which you can watch here!

💖 Links to any social media 🙂


💖 & finally – are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda? & who is better – Aiden or Mr Big


We’re definitely somewhere between a Miranda & a Samantha. 

Both men are deeply flawed . . . but we’ll have to take Mr Big every time. 

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