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Breathe it all in, angst it all out

Leave it to long time KNM favourites The Other Ones to write THE ANTHEM of the pandemic! 💖

I’ve actually seen them perform this song live a few times & OMG what a rage bop. In spite of this, the song could NOT have been released at a more appropriate time.

With the world on hold it is impossible to not feel stuck, bashing your head against some kind of wall. Whether you’re busy regressing into teenage tantrums at your parents house, stuck in with those 11 housemates you never really liked to begin with or struggling to fucking survive – what could be more cathartic than screaming that everything is on top of you at the top of your lungs!!

Nothing is easy at the moment. Not one thing. & the latest release from The Other Ones encapsulates that for a generation. Whilst self care socialists are at home urging everyone to try & meditate, The Other Ones quite aptly point out that breathing is one of the hardest things to do right now. We are a suffocated society & sometimes the closest thing we can get to freedom is just what The Other Ones have delivered – an angsty banger.

LISTEN LOUD – or on earphones if your roommates a dick. But whatever you do, whip your god damn hair back & fourth (slut drop if you don’t have any). Step that fine ass into 2 minutes 51 seconds of momentary liberation.

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