Circle None talk Snakes, Feminism, Buckfast & not taking yourself too seriously 🐍💕

‘You’re not alone. Despite the internal & external chaos we all suffer individually we’re in this living hell together.’

💖 What’s Circle None about? / How did you set up?

May: The name I guess represents the leftover “species” of a forgotten era where things were done a little more chaotically – with the freedom & recklessness of genuine self rule.

Societal detachment & abandon allow us to become a cause, not a product & we don’t belong anywhere in particular.

We don’t come in circles or “cliques” either, but we have a strong connection with likeminded humans.

Seamus: In terms of how we set up – basically me & Marie were in DTA, the band split up, & we got May on vocals.

Pasty was playing drums with us, then he didn’t, then Dawid did, then he didn’t, & now we got Lucian.

May: Yeah after Dawid we found a video of Lucian saying “Oh here’s me trying drums again for the first time in a long while” & he was just smashing it, & we thought yeah this one’s coming with us!

💖 What inspires you to play music?

Seamus: I don’t know it’s just what we do

Lucian: There’s nothing better to do either

💖 What’s your writing process?

May: I write lyrics all the time. Marie usually stares at the amp & generates a new riff every ten seconds, & Lucian & Seamus got a good back n forth thing going on – they end up with a bunch of different sections for us to try out & it all somehow works.

It’s a cosmic accident how it all fits together really. Also our writing process involves a LOT of drinking.

💖 Who are your main influences in music/life?

May: Poison Idea & The Germs influenced me massively! Early 80s punk era in general & brain study. I’m also probably an astronaut in some parallel universe.

Seamus: Definitely Poison Idea for me, Guinness, Buckfast, good mates & good music.

Marie: Cro Mags, Leeway & Sick of It All definitely influenced how I play, & Dayglo Abortions maybe

Lucian: I try to incorporate what I do with power violence, grindcore, harsh noise & D-beat.

The thing is the four of us have different tastes & obviously some of them overlap, so it makes it work. All our influences merge together as one in the end.

💖 Tell us about your aesthetic

Seamus: I don’t even know what that means!

May: Active Nihilism

💖 When you’re not doing band stuff what do you get up to?

Lucian: I’d get up if I can, & I get up for cans. I also play guitars in Doomsday Clock

Marie: I’m into cats protection & tattooing

Seamus: I’m a bike courier & I also play bass in Butcher Baby

May: I part time play with The Migraines, & got a new goth band in the works.

I also run a zine called Call In Sick & I do a whole bunch of jobs to survive – mainly in the fields of writing, psychology, research, arts & labour.

💖 What does feminism mean to you?

Marie: Feminism to me should be about women’s safety most importantly, because we haven’t even figured that bit out yet!

We’re jumping to equal pay but people we know are still getting assaulted, raped & killed just for being women.

May: Why isn’t Feminism automatic & innate?

I don’t like a lot of petty modern-day politics surrounding the subject, & coming from a third world country where we suffer from a severely male dominated culture & system, feminism to me is unrestricted human liberation & genuine equality, free from any form of hierarchy.

A strive for anything beyond self-rule & equality is just another form of over privileged sexism.

Power is individual; it shouldn’t belong to any race, culture or gender, & anyone who disrespects or takes advantage of another because of their gender or abandon of gender should die in a fire.

Seamus: Bang on… ye bastards.

Lucian: Feminism is fucking important man. Everyone’s oppressed, & patriarchy & toxic masculinity affect both men & women.

It should be the fucking norm. Whoever isn’t feminist by default is a cunt.

‘A strive for anything beyond self-rule & equality is just another form of over privileged sexism. Power is individual; it shouldn’t belong to any race, culture or gender’

💖 What 1 thing could everyone be doing to make the scene a better place?

Lucian: Stop being snakes going behind everyone’s back with drama!

Also people putting each other down just because they have more experience, so they think their stance or opinions are more important . . . like they just want validation or something.

Seamus: & get the fuck off social media!

May: Yeah less gossip! & less punks antagonising each other for no reason within an already damned & cornered subculture community!

There’s worse in life to direct frustration or hate towards.

Music wise I have no complaints lately, which is weird – a lot of new bands & promoters creating their own autonomous spaces & sounds, without following any particular trends.

Recently mind blown by Bad Breeding, Do One & Fidget, top of my head I guess.

💖 Tell us about your latest release what’s the feeling to it/what’s it about?

May: We’re just glad it’s finally out on Bandcamp! The rest is up to interpretation.

💖 What’s the most important thing that you try to convey through your music?

May: You’re not alone. Despite the internal & external chaos we all suffer individually we’re in this living hell together.

Also, don’t take yourselves too seriously. We all contradict ourselves on some level & everyone’s a hypocrite one way or another.

💖 Tell us about the dog bibs!!!

Seamus: They were meant to be for babies, but they looked better on dogs.

💖 What’s the funnest show you’ve ever played?

Seamus: The funnest gig for me I think was our last one. Loved it!

May: 10th of January at Garageland.

Lucian: I think because we had all kinds of new & old people in the scene in one place!

May: & we were already hanging out with so many mates in Camden – then walked to the venue together, buzzing & starving for noise already!

💖 What’s your dream tour?

Marie: Canada.

Lucian: Japan would be sick. Also East Coast.

May: Portland & Seattle for me are dream destinations.

💖 What’s next for you guys?

Seamus: I’m gonna get up drunk now & fall over.

May: That, & we’re hopefully going to release an EP by the summer time. Play some shows in Europe then too.

💖 Dates for any upcoming shows? (particularly any shows in London)

14th of February with yous

8th of March, International Women’s Day at The Bird’s Nest, Free Entry

28th of March, at The Unicorn with Dripback

💖 Where can we find yoooouuuu?

Instagram at @circle_none

Facebook at


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