Chuck SJ – Sink Your Teeth In – Single Review

Since this never-ending nightmare of COVID isn’t going away anytime soon – at least we have plenty of time to sink our teeth into this new 5-minute title track from the ever wonderful Chuck SJ.

From the get-go, you can feel the love & attention that Chuck brings into their music, once again switching genres by introducing oozing guitars & glitchy samples to bring a fitting sense of dread & isolation. Ripples of disjointed beats come seemingly out of nowhere into the mix, adding to the out of body listening experience.

For all the vulnerabilities showcased here, Chuck reminds us of the current situation we’re all in, whereby we have had to reprioritize our lives & look after ourselves; ‘There is strength in sitting in my sadness, comforting this madness.’

The great double entendre of shielding their heart from the prison of 2020 is a bold use of lyrical imagery, strengthened by the song’s gradual build-up midway through. Ending on a cacophony of nail-biting riffs & the repeating line ‘I can’t feel my body anymore’, I’m just a glitch in 2020’s gore’, Sink Your Teeth In is a captivating taster of the next chapter of Chuck SJ’s musical endeavours.

You can listen ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ on Bandcamp below.

Their latest album ‘Resist, Recharge, Revolt’ is expected to be released soon!

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