Burning Flag-Eat The Rich Single Review

Four tiers Boris, four? That’s insane.

All tired memes aside, Scathing Halifax quartet Burning Flag have blessed us with a hard as nails single, venting our frustrations regarding the disgusting actions of how the rich have left thousands to suffer during the pandemic.

Production-wise Burning Flag has never sounded tighter. The blaring guitar licks & drum fills that feel like your heart will burst through your chest at any moment are the perfect way to frighten any Tory neighbors within earshot. Think early Code Orange & Punch with a northern twist.

No description available.

Vocalist Holly Elizabeth holds nothing back in her strikingly furious delivery, coupled with dissonant, ear-shattering backing vocals- you can’t help but wonder why the fuck we haven’t eaten the rich sooner? Looks like we’re gonna have to at this point or as they say, we’ll starve.

Due to be released at 3 pm on Christmas Day to coincide with the Queen’s speech, you’re far better off listening to this & spin kicking your TV out the window instead. Look out for Burning Flag’s 3rd album ‘Madator’ due to be released on Hell Hath No Fury records next year as well.

Follow this link, or have a listen to their Bandcamp below!

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