Breakup Haircut – smashing gender norms, cheese fries & scooby doo . . . amongst other things . . . 🕸️🍟

Like the Scooby Doo team, only we don’t have a dog.

We caught up with Ishani, Jordan, Delphine & Ripley, of Breakup Haircut.

💖 Where did the name Breakup Haircut come from?

We formed in a Facebook chat & a lot of our communications have been kinda like we’re internet friends – so while we’d love to say that it came to us in a collective fever dream, we’re pretty terrible at lying.

Our singer, Ishani, was pelting names at us on a Friday afternoon, & ‘Breakup Haircut’ was somewhere between ‘Thot Fuzz’ & ‘Haunted Pokémon Speedrun’.

It seemed like the most appropriate one of the bunch.

💖 What are you all about?

We got together for First Timers Fest 2019, & kind of wanted to emblematise that ethos – the idea of being a safe space for all our members to try new things & have a go at different things.

We encourage each other to step away from what we’re used to, & write outside of our comfort zones a lot. This band has seen a couple of us write our first full songs, switch roles, take the lead, or try a new instrument. It’s been really cool to have a place for that in each other.

We encourage each other to step away from what we’re used to, & write outside of our comfort zones a lot.

💖 What best describes you as a band?

Like the Scooby Doo team, only we don’t have a dog. Or a van. Or a mystery to solve . . .

💖 If you were to take on a mystery what mystery would you solve?

We’re currently working on why the cat in our local pub doesn’t want to be friends with us. If you have any leads, please send them our way.

💖 What inspires you to play music?

Mostly having lots of feelings & needing somewhere to put them.

Delphine also said ‘your mum’ (KNM edit: she’s quite an inspiration so you’re not wrong 😉 )

💖 Who are your main influencers in music/life?

Delphine: I’d have to say Green Day, Yellowcard, P!nk, & MUSE.

Ripley: I spent a long time whittling down this list: Worriers, Screaming Females, Pat Benatar, MCR.

Jordan: I only watch films.

Ishani: I’m mostly inspired by John Darnielle’s pre-fatherhood stress tweets.

💖 It says in your IG you play spooky punk. What’s the spookiest thing about your music?

Probably talking about our feelings, or practising on a Monday.

Our songs tend to be either spooky or confessional rather than both at the same time, but you try explaining that in a Twitter bio.

💖 What do you do when you’re not doing band stuff?

Together, mostly pubbing, picnicking, & parading.

Apart is a different matter, though.

Ripley: I spend a lot of my time practising kung-fu or reading comic books. I also enjoy shooting bows & arrows at summer medieval re-enactment weekends & spending most of my money going to gigs.

Delphine: Roller derby is taking over my life, but sometimes I also go climbing to check that gravity still exists.

Ishani: I swing dance sometimes. I spend a lot of time writing songs on the bus home. I also work as a community musician with vulnerable populations in my non day-job time.

Jordan: I spend the bulk of my time setting up & putting away drums.

💖 What does feminism mean to you?

A mixture of things – the idea that kids won’t be forced into binary boxes based on societal gender norms, not feeling a nauseatingly constant sense of imposter syndrome, Ishani not having to tweet about how disappointing white men are because they’re not disappointing anymore.

Feminism is ‘the idea that kids won’t be forced into binary boxes based on societal gender norms’

💖 What one word describes you as a band?

Cheese fries (two words, one meal).

💖 What’s next for you?

We have an EP coming out with Hell Hath No Fury at the very tail end of summer – produced by the lovely Marcelo from Racmuth Recs. It’s called What Did You Expect? I Got It On The Internet!

Other than that, we’re playing a bundle of shows:

26th of September – Loud n Queer – for our EP release!!!!

27th September – Cigarette Pie, Kingston

4th October – DIY Space for London with Charmpit, Panic Pocket & Talulah Paisley

11th October – Get In Her Ears with Cryptic Street

& on 26th October, we’ll be playing our own Ishani’s Halloween celebrations, Weenfest!

You can keep up with us here:

Lori on Breakup Haircut: What really comes through most with this band is their dazzling sense of humour. A mix of nihilism & slapstick Breakup Haircut are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

When I first met Ripley at a vocal coaching workshop at DIY space they told me about their love of motorbikes & kung fu & I’d say this charm certainly comes through in the overall sound of BH.

A mixture between Buddy Holly & indie bops, Breakup Haircut would be comfortable on the set of Grease the musical, if the characters were made up of people from Scooby Doo.

There are rockabilly & surf music echoes right throughout the release & with a title like ‘What did you expect? I got it off the internet’ – we really get a warmth for the bands tongue in cheek approach to life.

The band displays a breadth of talent in a number of genres, all combined into one wholesome & uplifting package. Kim Pines marks the bands heaviest tune & sounds a little as if Evanescence put out a surf rock anthem. Whilst Mum, I wonna be a Greaser is undoubtedly their best track.

Don’t be fooled by their cheeky persona however, BH bring depth to their lyrics as well. A mixture of social anxiety, crushing gender norms & not being able to afford fancy hair slicking materials, the band are just about ready to move to Berlin – if only they could get hold of a pair of kitchen scissors & a carton of peroxide.

They would have gotten away with it to if it wasn’t for those pesky internet hauls . . .


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