Boys of The Hole talk Drag Wedding aesthetics, phlegmy screaming & . . . crisps πŸ’Ÿ

Boys of the Hole will make one beautiful mess out of life, but not before they’re done drinking at street parties & taking down terfs – more on what makes this band so magical below . . .

πŸ’– What’s Boys of the Hole about?/ Where did the name come from/How did you set up?

We were drunk at a street party & talked about starting a band & then we got together & fucked about.

At first it was just screaming & clunking instruments, but we’ve developed a sound & vibe that is vaguely better than we first intended.

In terms of our name – Rosie M’s teenage brother was originally our drummer & called us it on a group chat. We didn’t know why or what it meant but want to be down with the kids.

πŸ’– What inspires you to play music?

Fun! Fun is radical.

We have a blast rehearsing & coming up with ideas together. Like with a couple of songs we all chip in with the lyrics & it’s a right giggle.

That’s really what has started us off. Having a laugh & writing songs about ridiculous things – although we are also Emotional Queersβ„’ & sometimes the songs are about feelings.

The music itself is also good. 

πŸ’– Who are your main influences in music/life?

Netty, the 80 year old ex opera singer who Rosie M & Izzy made a film about . . . She hated it.

πŸ’– Tell us about your aesthetic

Drag wedding gone wrong. 

πŸ’– When you’re not doing band stuff what do you get up to?

Sloshing about in our holes waiting for the glorious first light of the revolution.

πŸ’– You say you’re a new post grunge outfit, but if that outfit were made of clothes what would it look like & which gossip level celebrity would wear it on the runway?

We are made of manic asos orders worn by the lizard queen.

πŸ’– If grunge really were post what would it cost to mail it? & who would be your preferred service provider?

Sian is a postman & says it would cost 70p by Royal Mail standard, but that special delivery is worth it if you really care about actually receiving the grunge. (KNM edit: we do . . . )

πŸ’– Tell us about your affiliation with the following:

Boys in the hood: Not so much

Hole: Excellent band

2001s thriller hit ‘the hole’: Everything. We’d eat you first. 

πŸ’– What does feminism mean to you?

All kinds of holes for everyone whenever, or nowhere for no-one, whatever you want. We also gots to fight terfs & swerfs*

*Terfs are Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist’s who say they’re feminists but are against/exclude trans people. Swerfs are Sex worker exclusionary radical feminist’s who say they’re feminists but are against sex work & exclude sex worker’s from stuff. 

πŸ’– Tell us about your next release what’s the feeling to it/what’s it about?

We released our first EP 31st of Jan, recorded by Marcelo at Rachmuth Recordings!!

Subjects range from oversharing about messy sexual experiences, shitty tinder dates & toxic relationships, but also crisp flavours.

There’s a lot of phlegmy screaming.

πŸ’– When’s your next shooooooow?

We are playing valentines day for you babes! Romantic. πŸ’ž

πŸ’– Where can we fiiiiind yoooou?

Lori on Boys of the Hole: hauntingly heavy delivered with a refreshing sense of humour. BOTH give you the permission to eat crisps, be a messy bitch & sleep in peoples dinner. We’d be anyone for BOTH – fuck waiting til date 2, ‘I’m not that kind of girl’. We’re yours now BOTH, take us or leave us.

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