🌸 Blom – radge-rock royalty emerging from crumbling catharsis 🌸

A tour a few years in the making – seeing Blom finally play Concorde 2 did not disappoint. Raging back onto the scene with one of the tightest sets I’ve seen post-lockdown re-emergence, Blom are Newcastles finest 3 piece patrons paying dues to ‘themes of queerness, feminism, gender identity, mental health, socio economic challenges, christianity, Twin Peaks & the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel ‘Crime and Punishment’ – in their own words.

Originating from the Northeast DIY scene & gracing the South with their presence on occasion – Blom are not out of water at local staples such as Bentfest or the Windmill – playing to decidedly niche crowds & opening for experimental noise projects. These 3 are quite rightly taking their place as radge-rock royalty playing to sold out shows of 3500 people & having their own separate bathrooms/dressing rooms. Not to mention sharing a stage once donned by Nasty Cherry narrator Charlie XCX.

Performance wise, I wondered how a Blom show would go down in a larger venue & under covid conditions. ie is Blom still Blom if Hells isn’t screaming the words skank witch in your face??? An undoubtedly signature move on Helens part of entering the crowds & roaming with prowess. Completely undeterred by this the band brought the same energy to the entire venue with energetic knee jerks & a primal scream from Helen that would make any previous illusions of catharsis crumble.

Instrumentally the repertoire between Eri & Zach has only gotten deeper & darker as the years have gone on – let’s just say the world taking a 2 year meltdown has served them well.

The band joked but pointedly, that the last time they were in Brighton they were asked which one of them was dating Pigs. Needless to say none of them are because it turns out you don’t have to be fucking someone in order to play an instrument or be fundamentally earth shaking in your own right – Brighton be warned – the witches ARE after your legacy – & from what I hear – it wasn’t worth shit anyway 💅

Personally I would have been happy with a 2 hour long set of the Ubermensch on repeat but I’ll settle for the time of my fucking life.

Blom are set to rise & we’re here for the ascent. Not missing a beat, it’s easily said Bloms problem IS that they’re perfect but it’s definitely a nice problem to have. Thanks again to these DIY diplomats for saving our lives & breaking our hearts simultaneously 😘

Unfortunately Pigs have had to postpone their final shows due to the touring party coming down with COVID. We wish those pigglings well & hope you can make it to the rescheduled dates.

💗 December 8th – Nottingham Rock City

💗 December 9th – Edinburgh Summerhall

💗 December 10th – Glasgow St Lukes

💗 December 12th – Leeds Warehouse

💗 December 17th, 18th & 19th – Newcastle The Cluny


Eri will be doing a cute little solo set on December 12th at Summerhill Bowling Club in Newcastle to support the ccccompetition album launch.

For more on Blom see our interview with them here.

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