Artio – badass bears, gigs in garages & btw – FUCK DRESSES 🐻

My influence in life is probably my dog Luther because he’s just a really safe geezer & he’s really cool & he’s kind of taught me that you don’t need attention all the time. So he’s a cool guy, I like my dog. My dog is my influence in life.

πŸ’– What’s Artio about? Where did the name come from? How did you start out?

Artio as a band is kind of just about making music that our 15 year old selves would want to listen to.

I like writing lyrics that I needed to hear at my lowest points in my teenage years, when my mental health started really kicking in, or when I was heartbroken or blah blah blah, when things started going a way I didn’t know how to deal with.

I want to write for me back then, & maybe you know, she’s learned from that stuff now.

The name Artio came from the name of the Celtic goddess of bears . . . & death . . . but we don’t really talk about the death bit.

I like that name because she’s kind of a badass. She’s the goddess of bears & that’s pretty cool. I find it quite cool to have a band with a female singer fronted by the name of the goddess.

We started out by me & Ewan hanging out. Ewan’s been making electronic music for years by himself & I’ve been singing. We’ve both been in other bands for a long time.

I was going through some stuff, & Ewan had written this really cool track that fit perfectly under some lyrics I was messing around with – & it just worked.

Then we did a few other songs with that formula & it was really cool. At the time it was this little thing on the side until it started getting quite a lot of traction & hype. Then we were like, ‘wow, okay, we need to start doing this live’.

Originally we had another guitarist but he was very very busy, so we got Rob in for a few shows. After a while we just really clicked with Rob, things just got done & the ball started rolling. Rob was ready to 100% jump on board & that’s kind of how us 3 became the Artio we are today.

πŸ’– What inspires you to play music?

Well I can’t really speak for everybody, so what inspires me is – I just love the feeling of being very free. Singing for me & performing is a really great way of coping, it’s like a really cool release of tension.

If I’m ever sad, or angry, or really happy, or I feel any kind of overwhelming emotion, most of the time I write a really really good song out of it.

Then performing that on stage after the feeling has passed is just kind of a really magical feeling, because it’s like you’vegone through that minging little section & now people are clapping you for it.

It’s a really cool form of expression & validation. I’m just inspired by all the women before me that have gotten on stage & given me the space to be me. I just want to open up more doors for other young girls like me.

I’m just inspired by all the women before me that have gotten on stage & given me the space to be me. I just want to open up more doors for other young girls like me.

πŸ’– What’s your writing process?

Everybody sends a couple of ideas. Most of the time it comes from us all hanging out & we’ll come up with something cool.

I’ll start writing some scratch vocals over the top, we’ll send it to Rob. Rob writes his guitar part. Often it’s rehearsed a few times, but we kind of just write everything into a project.

Then we’ll rehearse it with the tracks & everybody’s parts & go through a few drafts. Most of the time the song’s done within a couple of months.

Sometimes songs are finished to final draft stage in a few weeks, if it’s a song that just kind of writes itself.

πŸ’– Who are your main influences in music/life?

Well, the band’s main influences is PVRIS & Bring Me The Horizon & stuff like that.

But my main musical influence is probably Hayley Williams, just because – emo phase. Amy Winehouse, Adele, just big big voices. I love bigger voices. But then I love Connor Mason from Nothing But Thieves. He has like this weird operatic tone & range. He’s just really cool.

My influence in life is probably my dog Luther because he’s just a really safe geezer. He’s taught me that you don’t need attention all the time. So he’s a cool guy, I like my dog. My dog is my influence in life.

πŸ’– Tell us about your aesthetic – there’s a very strong colour scheme on your social media!

Our aesthetic, oh thank you, is quite strong. πŸ’ͺ

We like to have our socials tied in to the music that we’re releasing, so the EP art is red, white & black, but for All Things End the artwork was red & black.

The kind of style we do aesthetically is all to tie into the release. That image of the half red, half white never leaves the mind of somebody.

πŸ’– When you’re not doing band stuff what do you get up to?

When I’m not doing band stuff, I love walking my dogs (I have two dogs, but only Luther is my influence). I love cooking, & because I’m vegan, I love to make all my own food. I cook for me & my Mum a lot.

I also work at a hair salon & I love doing hair. So if I’m not dyeing my own hair on impulse I will be dyeing somebody else’s, making sweet potato curry & walking my dogs.

πŸ’– What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism, to me, man is everything. I hate wearing dresses. I don’t feel safe in dresses. I love trousers, & shorts. I couldn’t wear what makes me comfortable if women before me hadn’t made that possible & made that acceptable.

I hate wearing dresses.

I’m very very political & I wouldn’t be able to vote on any of the things that mean something to me if the suffragettes hadn’t, you know, died for it or fought for it. I wouldn’t have the right to be a part of my history.

So feminism means everything to me. There’s a long way to go for equality in the music industry & a lot of the time I am the only girl on the bill for most of the shows that we play. But I’m allowed to be on that stage & that’s something – because if I wasn’t – I don’t know what I’d be doing.

Feminism just means that the women before me have fought for me to be exactly where I am. So I owe it to the girls after me to find the exact same way, so that they get all the opportunities I’ve had & even more. Because we just have to stick together, don’t we?

πŸ’– What one thing could everyone be doing to make the scene a better place?

One thing everybody could be doing to make the scene a better place . . . Don’t touch people without their consent.

If you are over the age of 18, try not to assault young girls who just want to come to a gig. (Sorry that was a bit of a stab, but that’s something that drives me mad).

I think just being kinder as well.

I’m guilty of trying to compete with people all the time, but I think just knowing that everybody starts somewhere. There’s no harm in helping somebody out because the more positive connections you have, the further you’ll go.

If everybody was a bit kinder, less bands would give up, then we might have some really really cool music that we didn’t even know we needed. So, you wanted one thing & then I gave you three. Sorry. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

πŸ’– Tell us about your latest release β€˜All Things End’. What’s the story behind it?

So the story behind All Things End which was the lead single for our EP Stand Alone & Do Your Dance is a bit dystopian. The world we’re in currently is . . .

It’s about loving somebody so much that you want to follow them through life & into death. & you won’t let that mortal barrier separate you.

But then the eerie bit about the ticking clock in the song is like – we’re destroying our planet, politics is going to shit & you know, how long am I going to have with this person? Because I’ve found them now & I can’t imagine my life without them.

All of these are the things that are getting in the way. The fear of what happens after you die, when am I going to lose them & how long do I have with them. So I will love you no matter where I go, no matter what happens, but I wish there was more time I could spend with you.

πŸ’– What’s next for you lot? You had a gig in a garage?? That’s so cool!

We did play a socially distanced show; it was gonna be in my garage, but then all the new lockdown rules came in & we could have been fined a lot (also my neighbours are grumpy).

So I was like ‘CBA with that’, & the amazing Blueberry Hill Studios let us rent out their upstairs venue room.

It was 200 people capacity & we had 30 people spaced out on six different tables. Everybody was safe. As we know, no cases happened, nobody had it & nobody caught it, so we are very happy with that.

πŸ’– Dates for any other upcoming shows/livestreams/releases etc?  

We don’t have any upcoming shows this year sadly.

We have got a show in Leeds on the 19th or March at the Key Club, that’s a headline.

We have Live at Leeds festival, Bingley Weekender & Deep End Festival next year. We’re also going on tour!

If you follow us on our social media – our Instagram is ArtioMusic, Facebook is, we post everything on there.

Our bandcamp is Artio. When we have a better idea of how the industry is going to look in like six months time, we will be booking in everything we can possibly play.

We do Twitch Livesteams – we play The Sims, & do gigs there, we do live chats, we do videos behind the scenes & stuff. So that’s a bonus way of getting to know us as well.

πŸ’– Do you have any other projects on the go (not necessarily musical!)

Ewan & Rob are always working on other stuff. A lot of musical stuff like remixes, alternative versions, covers – they’re just really, really cool.

Me, I’m trying to teach one of my dogs to be properly lead trained because he likes to run at cars πŸ˜‚. So that’s a project I have going on at the minute.

I’m planning to move house next year, so that’s a bit of a project too. Yeah, most of the stuff we’re doing there is to do with music because it’s kind of go time at the minute.Β 

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