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Pretty much all of my icons are queer. Queer art is the one, isnโ€™t it. Iโ€™m scared to answer this, it could easily just reel off a massive listโ€ฆwhoops. Iโ€™m always in awe of candid/sincere artists.

๐Ÿ’– Where did you all meet? How did the South London quartet set up? 

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals):

Joe & I had been playing about a bit with some pals & written a few songs.

I met Joely at uni. We bumped into one another at DIY space for London & we kinda went from there.

Dan, our original bassist, moved to Manchester. We had a bunch of different (like seven?) bass players . . . We had known our lovely Carl through DSFL & Wolf Girl & For Sake of Tapes (who put out our split with favs bitch hunt), Carl agreed to join us in mid-2021. 

๐Ÿ’– You evoke quite a nostalgic vibe. One of your recurring topics is the reminiscence about the tail end of your 20s. Your lyrics are joyful, silly, & occasionally sad as you sing about breakups, parties, alcohol, & loneliness. 

What inspires you to play music?

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals):

Being in a band is fun & playing with pals is fun! I guess the songs are just what’s on our minds at the time. & the mid-twenties sure are a weird time!

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals):

The joy of gigs & music & seeing other bands killing it. Hand-in-hand with the human need to create & share [& moan].

๐Ÿ’– Your sound has a vintage math rock vibe to it, with its crunchy guitars, fast drums, & yelping vocals. You also describe yourself as an โ€œemo-noisy pop band desperately clinging on to the ghosts of 2009โ€.

Who are your main influences in music?

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals): That whole silly scrappy indie pop scene like Johnny Foreigner, Tubelord, Ace Bushy Striptease, Los Camp & Dananananaykroyd with silly tunings & yelpy singing. Martha with their anthems & politics. Chumbawamba for their ethics. 

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals): Abba for their jumpsuits.

๐Ÿ’– You released a self-made video clip for “Alex, keep yr hands to yrself” which was filmed on an old-school digital camera. 

What place occupies DIY in your ethos?

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals): DIY space for London was quite a big influence. People were looking out for one another & running things for free. Trying out new skills & learning how to do things with pals is really important to us. 

๐Ÿ’– For anyone interested in pedals & equipment, what are your individual setups?

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals):

Tom is really cool. He built his own pedal board & painted it & all. Carl made a small board too! Mine is pretty basicโ€ฆ I donโ€™t even have a pedal board but I’m working on it. I love all the tech stuff really.

In chronological order, Iโ€™ve got a tuner, YO & I recently got myself a boss CS-2 compressor, gifted from my pal Lawrence. He loves to gear so I was chatting with him as I was looking for something to give me a boost, a little EQ & clarity for their solo moments & he sorted me right out. So that stays off except for the key moments or if I want some yelpy feedback stuff.

My very favourite pedal is my Boss blues driver. It is the sweetest sounding thing & as with all boss pedals, thereโ€™s plenty secondhand about. I had that as my only pedal for a long timeโ€ฆ too long really, but itโ€™s so great & indestructible.

My last pedal is an earthquaker hoof, which is a fuzz that has loads of versatility. It can go from a really lovely balanced fuzz, that keeps your tone to a grizzly mess. I discovered it the first time we recorded with rich. We had one that we used for the lead line of armadillo & we used it again for the majority of the album I think. I caved & bought my own.

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals): I’m currently rebuilding my board. Come ask me about it at a show!

Carl (He/They; Bass): I use a Bass Big Muff pi fuzz pedal & a tuner at the moment.

๐Ÿ“ธ : @666medicate666

๐Ÿ’– What’s your favourite song to play live, & why?

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals): Filling Up The Feelings because it’s fun & catchy & I don’t have to do much singing!

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals): Ha! I was gonna say Armadillo for the same reasons. Those 2 songs are so much fun to play & the making of them was all just good memories for me. Love em.

Carl (He/They; Bass): Both of those are really fun to play. MSN of the EP is too. I like Things We Achieve & All Weโ€™ve Got of the album. I love all the really fast ones I guess, theyโ€™re good to rock out with. But I do like the slow ones too.

Joe (He/Him, Drums): Things we achieve, MSN & Armadillo are fun to play & wasn’t like that is one of my favourites & a nice break cos it’s slower! 

๐Ÿ’– Whoโ€™s your fav Gay icon?

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals): If I have to pick one, Grace JXones. A complete icon & Iโ€™ve been blown away every time Iโ€™ve seen them live. But pretty much all of my icons are queer. Queer art is the one, isnโ€™t it. Iโ€™m scared to answer this, it could easily just reel off a massive listโ€ฆwhoops.

Iโ€™m always in awe of candid/sincere artists. I think I appear to fail to take anything seriously, itโ€™s probably confidence. It is so cool & inspiring to be like โ€˜I made this because I felt like this & I want people to feel this & it is important.โ€™ cos it is. Growing up & discovering Sleater-Kinney had a massive positive impact.

๐Ÿ’– What bands are you loving at the moment, & what was the last album you all bought?

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals):

New FreshRaise Hell“. What a bunch of talent, making all my favourite songs. The new Live Do Nothing & Cheekface albums are brilliant, & the last record I bought was either Ezra Furman (for myself) or self-esteem prioritises pleasure for my pal Mary. I really wanted the SE father figure tee but I canโ€™t find itโ€ฆ if anyone finds one or makes one please hmu !

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals):

I love dream phone. They do this amazing cover of Britney’s hit me baby & it’s 100x better than the original (sorry pals). Also loving Yawners, Rio Arga, Slash Fiction & chat pile atm. The last record I bought was the new lande hekt record which is luuuush.

Carl (He/They; Bass):

The last album I bought was the new Chorusgirl one, Colapso Calypso. Silvi’s songwriting is just amazing & their sound is really distinctive while drawing on lots of great โ€˜80s & โ€˜90s stuff. I also bought Caleb Nichol‘s new album Ramon when we played with them, thatโ€™s fab too.

Iโ€™ve been listening to a lot of Remember Sports & Future Teens recently as both played London in the last few months & were just excellent live. Tom & I saw Whitelands play for the first time in a while recently & they were great, theyโ€™ve got new music coming soon too.

Joe (He/Him, Drums):

๐Ÿ“ธ : @666medicate666

I have been listening to a lot to Joyce Manor since we covered one of their songs. Also Big Thief, LVL Up, All Cats Are Beautiful & Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. Think the last record I bought was Fortitude Valley album, which is great. 

๐Ÿ’– You talk in your lyrics about the importance of mutual aid & support when it comes to mental health. Do you find being in a band/playing better than therapy? 

Tom (He/him; Guitar/Synth/Vocals):

Lol no. Being in a band is fun & good, and having a strong support network is also good, but in my opinion, therapy is different & also important. Working towards de-professionalising mental health support which doesn’t rely on the state is good, but don’t start a band to try & cure yourself. That doesn’t mean we can’t & shouldn’t help & look after one another, & various forms of mutual aid are good for this (funds, medicine, MH support, clothing, housing etc).

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals): Yeah, I think a band is so positive & definitely get involved in one if u want to play music/get creative! It is great & means so much but that doesnโ€™t mean itโ€™s easy on the mental health all the time lol. There’s lots of reflection & self-work needed to look after one another & be a good pal when you’re in vulnerable & strange social positions. Thereโ€™s lots more coverage & openness from artists cancelling tours etc for mental health reasons in the past few months & the reaction to that & the discussion it creates is a positive thing.

๐Ÿ’– You mention issues like homophobia, transphobia, & toxic masculinity in your songs. Do you feel like it’s an occurring problem in the scene? What 1 thing could everyone be doing to make the scene a better place?

Joely (She/They; Guitar/Vocals): Representation is key. It all falls apart if you’re still the only X person in the room. in particular, it would be amazing to see more diversity in sound & production. Itโ€™s an old boring point but that is still jarring & crappy.

Representation is key. It all falls apart if you’re still the only X person in the room

๐Ÿ“ธ : @666medicate666

๐Ÿ’– You released a couple of singles this year, the latest one being โ€œTfl has a lot to answer forโ€. An indie-pop/punk banger which is a โ€œreflection of drinking way too much in your mid-20s. Staying up too late, burning yourself out & how it impacts on your relationships & mental healthโ€.

Youโ€™ve recently released a fresh new album titled โ€œfor everything, alwaysโ€. Tell us about your release! What’s the feeling to it/what’s it about?

Itโ€™s a scrappy, silly, joyful & sometimes sad look back at a band in the tail end of their 20s. A way to grapple with breakups, parties, alcohol & loneliness & looking hopefully into the future.

It combines lots of our favourite bits of indie pop, punk, emo & some little bit of 2009 math rock. We tried to make the record, themes & structure more coherent than things we had done before, but it’s still the same 2 min songs with yelping dual vocals, speedy drums & fun noisy guitar lines.

๐Ÿ’– What’s next for you lot? (please include links to where we can listen to you)

We are sorting more shows for 2023 ๐Ÿ™‚ & our new album is available here !! <3 :


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@sclubadults on IG and Twitter

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