7 Reasons Why Lizzo is Actually Punk AF

Lizzo may as well be making Lizzo fanzines and handing them out at DIY shows.

An alternative guide to Lizzo shows.

πŸ’– She champions self-care & empowerment better than the entire feminist movement put together –  whether she’s telling you to walk your fine ass out a door, smother yourself in cooking oil or merely just to feel yourself – Lizzo’s wholesome & sassy brand of feminism is as though every tear jerking moment in Queer Eye just dipped itself in sex panther & reincarnated as a carnival parading to Aretha Franklins’ ‘Respect‘.

She’s also done a lot for the body confidence movement & continues to make every person who listens to her music feel empowered.

πŸ’– She dated someone presumably normcore enough to be called β€˜Jerome’ – we haven’t met Jerome yet but he sounds about one whiny anorak away from releasing a Weezer album. Before he runs the risk of proclaiming himself a ‘male feminist’ whilst simultaneously mansplaining riot grrrl to everyone in screeching distance, we’re gonna echo Lizzo’s advice – take your ass home Jerome. We don’t need to hear it.

πŸ’– She’s running for President – & to add to that Prime Minister. We haven’t had much luck with female politicians so far, but we have a feeling Lizzo might be just the candidate to turn that shit around.

We’ll take this opportunity to remind Donald Trump that if the NHS is up for grabs, then so is Lizzo bitch!

πŸ’– She calls out fuckbois like someone that’s dated one hardcore kid too many. Finally done with β€˜wife beaters’ & complaining about their inability to start a solo circle pit – Lizzos ready for someone more refined. Perhaps someone that can cope with having sleeves on their band shirt & happy to wear a hat that actually fits. Grrrl knows herself & she means business πŸ’…

πŸ’– Bitch drinks tequila – including from the bottle & on stage! I don’t even care that this was most likely a show trick – one listen of β€˜Phone’ & we are assured that Lizzo has seen the wrong side of munted at 8am on a Saturday morning, more times than she can remember. Or fail to, as the case may be.  

πŸ’– She champions trans rights, marrying yourself & sex work – Lizzo is inclusive as hell; preaching love, community, taking care of yourself & making damn sure you appreciate the times when you’re feeling like a stripper when you’re looking in the mirror. Lizzo excels at finding your inner self worth & makes damn sure her fans do to.

πŸ’– She literally uses the term Grrrl in her second album – this needs no explanation, she may as well be making Lizzo fanzines and handing them out at DIY shows.

Lizzo provides an atmosphere at a show that feels nurturing, empowering, monumentally life changing on a political level & with just the right amount of sass to get you nice & low.

Lizzo might consider herself more of an RnB/Rap related artist but she’s a Riot Grrrl (Small World) at heart.

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