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It will always remain important to me to keep the same ethical sustainable philosophy at the heart of my business

πŸ’– What can you tell us about Masks By Tallulah? How did you set up?

I first started Masks by Tallulah a few weeks into the first lockdown.

With all of this spare time on my hands, I rediscovered my love for textiles & sewing! πŸͺ‘πŸ’•

I found a huge stash of all my old textile bits that my parents had yet to get rid of in my family home (where I was locking down).

I wanted to channel my creativity into something that was meaningful & would help to provide safety & comfort during these unsettling times. I started sewing & experimenting with ideas & designs for masks, originally for family, neighbours & family friends.

I wanted to channel my creativity into something that was meaningful & would help to provide safety & comfort during these unsettling times

πŸ’– You have some of the most beautiful designs, what inspires your creations?

Thank you so much. πŸ’•

I started off making masks for myself & family. My family are big fans of all things vintage – therefore bright colourful vintage fabrics were most popular.

I wanted to make statement masks that were going to go with a variety of colourful outfits. I like the idea of your masks contributing to your outfit instead of detracting from it! 

πŸ’– I know you are based in Brighton (one of the best places in the world) how does living in the city influence what you do/inspire your work?

Brighton is the best!

Being back here has been so inspiring! All the incredible vintage clothes & shops & colourful personalities have been most inspiring to me.

I am also a huge fan of the sea & its restorative powers 🌊 Especially during these trying times – the sea has healing qualities that help me to stay mindful & creative.

πŸ’– Designing chains to go alongside the masks was a stroke of true genius. How did you come up with the idea? Are they a right pain to make? & omg they are beaaauuufitul as well! 😍😍😍

Thank you so much! I got the inspiration for mask chains from my sister, who came up with the idea for the accessory!

After making (& using) them I have realised they are so useful!!

They are great for people who have a tendency to loose masks, plus they help make sure masks aren’t getting lost or scrunched up in the bottoms of bags.

AND! they are a perfect way to hang them with coats so you always remember to grab your mask before leaving the house!

They are very intricate to make, each bead is threaded individually by hand. It can be time consuming, but it is worth it!

πŸ’– You seem to have a lot of different designs & some very rare patterns such as the robin textile from Cath Kidston. Where do you source your fabrics?

I source my fabrics from a variety of places – some are second hand fabrics that have been gifted to me, others I have sought out due to the high demand!

Our most popular fabric was definitely a beautiful vintage William Morris bird fabric, which I only had a few meters of. I found that at a boot sale a few years ago.

πŸ’– Are there any ethical/sustainability elements to how you work/your products? & if so give us allllll the deets.

Absolutely! All my fabrics are either second hand or recycled fabrics, or from local independent fabric shops in Brighton.

I love going down into the lanes hunting for new fabrics, but also I have found some of the most popular designs & fabrics have been made from vintage bedding I have found for sale on Ebay or places like that.

Once given a wash & iron, they make the perfect cottons for cutting up & making masks!

I also donate a percentage from my masks profits to a variety of charities & startups, including The Legacy of War Foundation, The NHS, & Eggtooth, a mental health charity for young people based in the South East.

It has been overwhelming the level of support from the community & therefore I wanted to give something back. πŸ’›

πŸ’– How has it been trying to navigate a business through the pandemic?

It has been bizarre. But there has also been such a huge sense of community & kindness that came with it.

I have met so many kind encouraging people who have sent such lovely feedback. So I have been extremely grateful for that.

The pandemic, despite all the bad, has helped to give a platform to small businesses that would have otherwise  been ignored if all the chains & mainstreams shops had been open.

πŸ’– Do you have any advice for people who are looking to start their own business/would love to be involved in the fashion industry?

My advice would be go for it!

When I made my first batch of ten masks with my mum, we put them online & anxiously waited to see if anyone would want to buy them. To our surprise they all sold within 24hours!

Months later I have been able to sell hundreds of masks. So don’t let the nerves hold you back, go for it! 

πŸ’–  Any shoutouts for other up & coming (cute AF) businesses we should be following?

Yes definitely, here are a few of my favourite small businesses.

@miamacrame, beautiful handmade macrame bags & accessories.

@sunlessantiques, an independent vintage clothes shop in St. Leonards.

@katecustoms, personalised embroidered clothing.

I also highly recommend following some of these strong female artists & dear friends of mine, who would love some support. 





 πŸ’– What’s next for Masks for Tallulah?

I am hoping to continue making masks & experimenting with whats most comfortable & fashionable. However! I am also experimenting at the moment with a few other non-essential items such as, bags & clothes!

As I hope to expand my business, it will always remain important to me to keep the same ethical sustainable philosophy at the heart of it.

It will always remain important to me to keep the same ethical sustainable philosophy at the heart of my business

πŸ’– Finally – & perhaps most importantly! Where can we find you online? How do we put in our orders? & do you do custom work?

I am currently on Instagram & Facebook as @masksbytallulah.

I am in the process of setting up an Etsy which I will link at the bottom & also hopefully a website in the not too distant future. 

Please like & follow πŸ™ Supporting small business is so important at the moment, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Instead of turning to major corporate shops & businesses like Amazon, try to buy from small independents instead, that’s what I am certainly going to try to do!

Thanks for the support & continue to stay safe everyone! πŸ’—

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