Big Up Our Babes


Hi! I’m Vicky, unashamed Trekkie & liker of cats & cat pics 😻

I play bass in noise-pop band The Other Ones & write songs about being an anxious mess & being mistaken for a groupie.

Here for all your self care woes & scathing commentary about male dominated scenes.

πŸ’– Vic will be joining us to head up some of the more sparkly side of our music coverage – she also pioneered our Grrrl Gear Initiative πŸ˜‰


Hi, I’m Maeve Grohl: bassist, guitar pedal enthusiast & gig promoter 🎸

I’m your go-to gal for gear, from the latest in fuzz pedals to obscure guitar brands.

I previously ran my own promotions company (Nerve Grass Promotions in Leeds), which was created with the sole purpose of bringing more awesome bands featuring non-male, non-binary, LGBT+ & POC members to the city.

It’s my mission in life to get more of these incredible people onstage with an instrument in their hands. The heavier the genre, the better!

πŸ’– Maeve is joining us to head up the future of punk, metal & alt music – as well as delighting us with an exclusive series on Grrrl Jams πŸ’•


Hi! My name is Holly (she/they) πŸ’œ

I am the front person of a hardcore band called Burning Flag & run a Feminist DIY Punk Label called Hell Hath No Fury Records/Promo which focuses on providing DIY Punk bands that include womxn, queer & non-binary punx a platform in a cis male dominated punk scene.

Go check us out!


πŸ’– Holly joins KNM to head up some of the heavier side of band liaison


Hi! My name is Johnny (they/them) & I write & podcast as two separate people for the sake of keeping with the KNM tradition & keeping my maiden (gremlin) name for the Stuck Between! podcast.

I am one half of a nonbinary anarchopunk band called Riviera Kid & I play drums for Canterbury proto-punkers Nervous Dogs

I have lots of hobbies & opinions that you can hear all about on the podcast.  

If you take the time to listen to my podcast, I will love you forever.πŸ’˜ *

*this statement may be grossly overestimated. 

πŸ’– The ever-talented (& my gosh me mean that) Johnny has come on board with us to provide some entirely exclusive VIP content for our Babeclub members. Yikes! That’s exciting!!!!!


Goldie Yawn, she/her, loves pickles, hates fascism.

Into the outdoors, jazzy vintage outfits, loud conversations & even louder music.

Here to promote emotional openness and bad puns.

πŸ’– Goldie heads up our social media & takes care of our emotional well-being. What an absolute badass babe!!


Hi! My name’s Sophie & I like to debate about nearly everything πŸ’›

I teach/practice yoga, work in the charity sector, & have a real big love for reading & writing about the stuff I feel super strongly about.

I’m fresh in the zine scene but am so keen to share more stories & ideas to kick ignorance to the curb.

πŸ’– Sophie has come on board to help kick ass in the fashion & empowerment sections of the website. Hell. Yeah!!!


Last but not least KNMs own fairy blog-mother!

Nicki is the founder of KNM & writes under a number of pseudonyms for different sections of the site.

Outside of KNM she runs an ethical trade consultancy Corpaccounts & is the front lady for feminist hardcore band Brazen Hussy.

πŸ’– Speak to Nicki for info on any area of the site & other big time business crap