Not Your Galentines Day 💖

KNM Presents their first ever event alongside As If Promotions.

Purchase of event tickets will provide access to both the art gallery & the music venue.

💖 I’m With Her (Gallery Invitation) 💖

Open from 6 o clock, KNM will be exploring the metoo movement through the lense of reactions to sexual assault.

The photographic gallery will be comprised of outtakes from the Brazen Hussy ‘Not All Men’ EP release accompanied by quotations from sexual assault survivors denoting adverse reactions & responses they’ve had to their assault, how it made them feel & how they wish others around them had supported them.

To submit an entry for the gallery (pls pls pls do 🙏) or to help us by sharing out the link for submissions see below:

💖 Showtiiiiime with KNM 💖

We have a number of bands lined up for the evening all of which are super great!

Please check out as follows:

💕 Boys Of the Hole 💕

Boys of the Hole are a hole lotta boys lotta holes playing hot AF post grunge

💕 Dead Men Don’t Rape 💕

Heavvvvvyyyy AF & an experience you cannot miss – we’ll leave that there

💕 Brazen Hussy 💕

Cute AF Trashcore from some Southcoast Babes.
Think Riot Grrrrrl meets Deafheaven


💕 Cicle None 💕

Fast, furious thrashcore by some of Londons finest

💕 Shooting Daggers 💕

Finishing up with hardqueer favourites Shooting Daggers – & may we say – YAAAAAAWWWWW ðŸ”Ĩ

Profits from ticket sales will be donated to to support their work in supporting survivors.

Profits from merch stalls will be retained by respective bands/stall owners.

No-one turned away for lack of funds.

Super cool event video from Patrick Washed Out Festival 2020 omg 😍😍😍😍



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